Blackberry Cobbler from Allrecipes


Blackberry Cobbler II from AllRecipes

This was a fun, easy recipe that dazzled our taste buds this weekend. The clumps of dough in the skillet reminded me of delicious southern biscuits. The blackberries oozed like jam on a breakfast morning. We paired it with vanilla ice cream. We were in heaven.⁠

It was especially delightful to use my cast iron skillet. My grandmother used to keep her skillet on her stove, drenched in grease from a lifetime of incredible meals. She never washed her skillet. True cooks know that you never put water on cast iron. I’m pretty sure my grandmother thought it was bad luck to wash her skillet.⁠

I’m planning to make this for friends and family over the summer. It was quick to whip up and exciting to watch bake in the oven. Let me know if you try it!⁠

Click here for my Lodge cast iron skillet. I love it!

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